All members of the UCLA community may use the NMR spectrometers after training by the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory personnel. If you are not a member of the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry you'll need to request a recharge account prior to use of the spectrometers (Recharge Application).Our training sessions cover only what is needed to efficiently use the current equipment, and its associated software (we do not cover NMR theory). We ask that you take training shortly before using a certain instrument.

NMR spectral analysis for Sc2Ir6−xPdxB (x=3, 5 and 6) series.
Koumoulis, D., Scheifers, J. P., St. Touzani, R., Fokwa, B. P. T. and Bouchard, L.-S. (2016),  doi:10.1002/cphc.201600512

You may re-take trainings as many times as you would like. It is important that you feel confident using the instruments.  

It is advisable that you sign up for training when you are about ready to use the NMR (e.g., within a few days). It does not help if you take the training and then do not remember the materials weeks or months later.

Starting 2019, all NMR training sessions require RSVP!

Training You'll Need to Take:
  • For routine NMR usage: take the “Automation using the Sample Changer”. We also recommend that you take the "Routine Data Processing" training (you can take these training in any order).
  • If you only want to process data acquired with the sample changer, take only the "Routine Data Processing" training. You should consider getting your own copy of TopSpin.
  • If you want to learn to acquire data manually, you must practice using TopSpin for data processing, and take a test (download installation direction, and study guides here; email: to schedule your test). 
  • Read our safety information before attending your first training session.
Regularly Offered Training Sessions
Routine Data ProcessingMonday, 12:00 PM-1:30 PM1416 Mol. Sci. Bldg.Prerequisites: Automation using the sample changer (AV400)
RSVP to: before Sunday at 10:00 AM.
Automation using the Sample Changer (AV400)Tuesday, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM1421 Mol. Sci. Bldg.Prerequisites: obtain a recharge account.
Fill out Google Form before Monday at 10:00 AM.
Automation using the Sample Changer (AV300)Thursday, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM 1421 Mol. Sci. Bldg.Prerequisites: Data Processing Test. and AV400 training
RSVP to: before Wednesday at 10:00 AM.
Automation using the Sample Changer (AV300) (Experienced Users)By Appointment1421 Mol. Sci. Bldg.Prerequisites: Previous Experience with AV300

By Appointment Training Sessions
To schedule, e-mail:

 Using the Higher Field NMR SpectrometersPrerequisites: Experience with both AV300 and AV400 Sample Changers
                        Routine Data Processing 
 Using the AV500Prerequisites: Using the Higher Field NMR Spectrometers
 Using the AV600Prerequisites: Using the Higher Field NMR Spectrometers
 Using the Solid-State NMR SpectrometersPrerequisites: Using the Higher Field NMR Spectrometers
 Variable Temperature NMRPrerequisites: Using the Higher Field NMR Spectrometers
 Variable Temperature NMR on the AV500Prerequisites: Variable Temperature NMR
 2D NMR Acquisition and Processing (Optional)Prerequisites: Using the AV500