X-ray crystallography aims for the definitive establishment of geometric structure, giving researchers an indispensable means to constitute structure-function relationships. The recent advent of systems that make use of charge-coupled device (CCD) area detectors for this application has resulted in the ability to acquire complete data sets in hours rather than days. The speed and ease of use of this type of modern equipment make it now feasible and cost effective to use crystallographic structure determination as a routine characterization tool.

 It is recommended that X-ray structure determination be carried out whenever any of the following is desired:

  •  Geometrical or conformational information
  •  Inter or intra molecular bonding and non-bonding interactions
  •  Thermal motion of rigid groups
  •  Absolute configuration, if an element heavier than Si is present or if one chiral centre is already known in a molecule

 The X-ray laboratory is a full service facility which provides range of services associated with the structure analysis of small molecule single crystals. These services include:

  •  Determination of unit cell parameters, crystal system and space group
  • Data collection, structure solution and refinement
  • Analysis of the structural results ( hydrogen bonding, Intermolecular interactions, etc)
  • Full report of structure analysis with data tables, cif file and molecular illustrations

All of the above services have nominal fee. Please consult with Saeed Khan for charges.