Sample Submission

For single crystal analysis submit your sample and a fully completed sample submission form (copies are also available in the lab) to the J.D. McCullough X-ray Laboratory at 1416 Molecular Science Building.

Your sample will be analyzed on a first come first serve basis. Normal turn around time is 2-3 days. For powder samples no sample submission form is required. Individuals from other on-campus departments at UCLA must bring a completed form P-39 or establish a recharge account with the Chemistry Department. Outside users should mail properly sealed samples to:

 Saeed Khan
1412 Molecular Science Building
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of California at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1569

It is advisable to:

  •  Keep crystals in mother liquor.
  • Use small vials. If crystals grow in NMR tube, submit the tube as it is, do not try to remove the crystals.
  • Submit more than one vial of crystals, for air sensitive  or unstable compounds.
  • Make prior arrangements with the lab director for compounds which are unstable and degrade quickly. This way we can put you on a priority list and analyze the compound when the crystals are fresh.
  • Verify by some other analysis (NMR, MS, etc) that you are not submitting a starting material or an unwanted compound. Please note that few perfect crystals in a mass of trash may not represent the bulk of sample.