Panalytical X'Pert Pro X-ray Powder Diffractometer
Installed in 2004
Bragg-Brentano and Parallel Beam Optics
Incident and Diffracted Beam Mirrors
Computer Controlled Slits
X’celerator RTMS Scanning Detector
Sealed Proportional Detector
High Temperature Stage up to 1000C
Bruker DUO ApexII CCD-single crystal X-ray Diffractometer
Installed in 2013
Quazar multilayer Microfocus Cu
Triumph Monochromator Mo-X-ray source
Low temperature device
APEX software suite
Bruker D8 Discover Powder X-ray Diffractometer
Installed in 2006
Push Plug Gobel Mirror
9- Position Sample Stage
Vantac Detector for FastSimultaneous Recording
Rotary Absorber
Zeiss Stereo Discover V12 Microscope